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Tangier Day

the Tangier Bay, facing the strait of Gibraltar, on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Tangier, « city of strangers » constitued for centuries ago a cosmopolitan hub in Morocco, in the heart of the Mediterranean people’s history.
There is plenty of things to be seen in Tangier and in its surroundings.
Start your tour throughout the medina of Tangier by the Grand Socco, you will be dazzled by the vivid spectacle of colors, sounds and smells of this market very well animated. You can also taste some of the gastronomic local specialities. After that, you can go straight on to the Kasbah, the main attraction of the city, which is considered to eb an overlooking of teh Medina and offers magnificient views over Spain and the Straits of Gibraltar.
You can have a walk throughout the old neighborhoods to contemplate the ancient Andalousian architecture of teh houses.

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